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Obama: Time to stop campaigning and start governing! A Turkey visit should wait.

9 Mar

Except for public opinion, the Obama Administration seems determined to accommodate Rush Limbaugh and fail. It may be good for the man’s ego to travel all over the country and be applauded and cheered, but it is time for President Obama to stay put and make sure day-to-day problems are dealt with.

Visiting Turkey may satisfy Obama’s Islamic sympathies, as did his ill advised interview with Al Arabia, but with 12.5 million people unemployed in the United States, the President should stay home and concentrate on the economy.

Orator v. Doer: Where is the Beef? Or, why is Obama’s A+ speech failing?

27 Feb

President Obama’s first speech to a joint-session of Congress was judged by both friend and foe as a masterpiece; and so it was: An oratorical jewel!

But, when the audience was asked to act, not just to assess; to put its money where their mouths are; they did, big sell-offs in the stock market! An A+ presentation followed by a D- measured performance.

The American public which at one time, in not-too-distant past, would invest on strength, and promises, now seems to require deeds, beyond words in order to take action. President Obama was elected on strength of his words, and was given a short-fuse, at the end of which his performance would be measured on concrete results, the end of the fuse is now in sight, its operational life is probably no longer than ninety days.

President Obama, perhaps the greatest orator in the history of the human race, must prove that he is a doer, not only a great speaker. Just following President Clinton’s advice regarding the adaptation of a more optimistic tone, does not work; measurable action by President Obama is needed before a required public acceptance can be earned, in other words, Mr. President: Where is the beef?