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The “vitual” Barack Obama; or, when will the real Obama emerge?

20 Jan


America is in trouble! The economy is in shambles. America is engaged in war(s) that it has little, if any control over, and the morale of its people is at very low ebb.
When people are in trouble, seeking a “hero” to bail them out is a natural reaction. Barack Obama’s speech during the 2004 Democratic Convention made his a visible and attractive potential leader. When in 2007 America started a search for a hero, the selection process started to during the Democratic primaries, and Barack Obama became a potential agent for hope and change. As the primaries moved on, the process of creating a hero shifted to the building of hope around the person of Barack Obama who eventually emerged as the embodiment of the hero America desired.
In America’s imagination, helped by media frenzy, Barack Obama became larger than life. The actual man who took office on January 20, 2009, is human, the expectations, and visions of what he can do, however, are super human; they are in the public imagination.Obama in America’s mind is a nearly a flawless combination of Superman, Martin Luther King, JF Kennedy, the Biblical Moses, to top that, the Reverend Farrakhan suggested that Obama is the returning Jesus Christ; perhaps a number of other historical heroes are rolled into the virtual Obama, be they real or imaginary.The real Barack Hussein Obama is human, a side of the man that the public is not quite ready to actually see and accept. In reality Obama has already exposed a number of his human traits that neither the public. Nor the media are ready to accept, or admit that they exist.
For example, the fact that President Obama has surrounded himself with a staff that is essentially an extension of President Clinton’s personnel beg to question his theme of being an agent for change. Retracting from his campaign promise to do away with Osama bin Laden as an item of top priority, also suggests that politics are a part of Obama’s make up, and he is covering his back side. 

For a while America will continue to deal with the flawless and “virtual” Obama. Soon, as soon as there is performance to be measured, the real Obama will start to emerge. Obama will remain a great, perhaps the greatest orator ever; he will remain a great motivator, but will President Obama be able to deal with the mundane day-to-day issues that make up his job?
Time will tell how Barack Obama will actually do; in the meantime, let us all hope that he can, and will, live up to his image!