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Obama v. Reagan: The orator v. the communicator…

20 Feb

Reagan and Obama were handed straggling economies, both men were required to take drastic [spending] steps and sell them to the public.

History would attest to Reagan’s success, even though later in his Presidentcy the tricle-down economics did not fare well. Reagan, the masterful communicator that he was, was able to keep a doubting public behind him in spite of the severity of his effort.

Obama is faced with similar situation to Reagan’s. Even though Obama is the better orator of the two, Obama lacks Reagan’s communication skills. As much as Obama is using campaign tactic’s, traveling around the country, and all, he does not seem to have Reagan’s ability to speak to the people, regardless of who they may be. Obama’s oratorical style comes through even when he tries to communicate ideas to small groups; Obama appears to lecture, rather than to speak to audiences. Let us hope that with time Obama will acquire better communicate skills that will compliment his unique oratorical ability.