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Contrary to GOP: Democrats are not weak on security, the Obama Administration, is!

29 Dec

Secretary Napolitano offered a clear demonstration that the Obama Administration is not up to keeping the American flying public safe. The lady’s ineptitude does not suggest that Democrats are weak on Security, but it rather speaks to President Obama’s inability to select the right people to help him govern.

President Obama as Commander-in-Chief has been making a large number of disastrous calls. Why the young President thought that he can second guess the commanders in the field and cut down the number of troops they requested for Afghanistan by 25%, is beyond any logical explanation, except that perhaps his arrogance is totally out of control.

Another major blunder by the young C.i.C. was his decision to change the missile defense strategy for Europe, and to do so without consulting the European allies of the United States. This decision which was made in order to appease the Russians, an act that President Obama, and Secretary of State Clinton, mistakenly believed would get the Russians to support the United Policy towards Iran.

It is not the Democrats who are weak on security matters, as can be attested by Senator Lieberman stance towards Yemen, it is the Democrat Administration of President Obama whose arrogance seems to overpower common-sense, and its ability to accept advice from experts such as General McChrystal in Afghanistan.

In order to get public confidence in his Administration to the flying public safe, President Obama must make a decisive move and immediately replace Secretary Napolitano. In addition, President Obama must start to demonstrate that security and defense decisions are only made after getting, and accepting advice from experts in the field.