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Obama’s “Change:” The most political White House…

18 Feb

In well over fifty years of observing American politics, I have never seen a more politically oriented White House than the one under President Obama.

President Obama the Orator extraordinaire, and the very intelligent operator that he is, may not be the pragmatist that a Chief Executive needs to be.  Even though President Obama is able to improve the morale of America, one cannot eat high morale, or the feeling of hope, that this President brings to the table.

President Obama extensive travel, the public-works show in Missouri to coincide with signing the stimulus package, and the frequent appearances on media outlets, making the Obama Administration more political than any Administration that I have ever witnessed.

President Obama promised a change when he was running for office, the implication was a change to reduce politics and increase performance; so far it is more politics, and PR, and less actual significant work done.

From the Creator: Obama, everybody’s person!

21 Jan

Barack Hussein Obama is the embodiment of the “man for all people;” a man of humanity, if you will.

To African Americans, Obama is an African American. To Caucasians, by virtue of his birfth to a white woman, especially one from the “Heartland” of America, his “whiteness” suffices to qualify him as America’s leader.

His first name: Barack, means Lightning in Hebrew, and while campaigning, Obama told some crowds that his father intended the name to be Baruch, which in Hebrew means blessed. In either case, his name generally satisfy Jewish people of his sympathy and good will towards them.

His middle name: Hussein, and the fact that he was born to a Muslim man, should put President Obama in good stead with general Islam, an especially with Arabs, since his middle name of Hussein is an Arabic name.

His birth to a Kenyan man should generally please the people of Africa, while being born in Hawaii should, of course, make people of Hawaii quite happy.

Since Barack Obama is a Mulatto as are many, many Americans, Mulattoes and other of mixed births would feel a bond, viewing Obama as a part of the melting pot that the United States is!

Barack Hussein Obama is indeed the person of all persons!  

On the lighter side one can add an apostrophe after the O in his last name, that would make make his name O’Bama, and please the Irish.