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Capitulating again: Obama’s “Joint Session” fiasco!

1 Sep

When President Obama gave up the Public Option in his Health Bill, it was a disappointing surprise. Then, the President let the Bush tax cut remain during the budget negotiation, and it rang an alarm; does the man have character? Can he ever stand behind his principles?  Then came the capitulation on the debt ceiling, it was a new high in disappointment! 

When on August 31, 2011, President Barak Hussein Obama, blatantly challenged the Republican House leader to allow a speech to the joint houses of Congress, at a time scheduled for a Republican candidates Presidential debate, the young and apparently inept American President, crossed the line, allowing politics to supercede what is best for the nation. Fortunately, Speaker Boehner rejected the President request, and America’s Capitulator in Chief, capitulated again.

Capitulating at every turn and demonstrating a questionable set of values, only add to President Obama’s standing as perhaps, tied with George W. Bush, and Jimmy Carter,  the worst United States President ever.

The only question left: What important principle will President Obama sacrifice next?