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Obama 2013 Israel visit must formalize Jerusalem as capital.

6 Feb

Obama 2013 Israel visit must formalize Jerusalem as capital.

Never throughout history was a nation’s capital imposed on it by others, until in 1948 the “international community” imposed Tel Aviv on Israel as its capital.
By choice, and based on history, Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital, it is so in perpetuity.
Israel must insist that all meetings with President Obama and with member of his team in his 2013 visit be held in Jerusalem, and that the United States President formally demonstrate his acceptance of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital in perpetuity!
President Obama must also insist during his upcoming visit to Israel, and its Arab neighbors, that said neighbors recognize Israel’s right to exist, and that they remove all references of their goals to destroy Israel.
In return Israel should accept some pre-condition for negotiation with the “Palestinians.” Israel must at least accept a formula for determining boundaries, and some level of Palestinian sovereignty.
Obama must be the diplomat and try to make up for four years of essentially inaction in the area.

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