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Palin’s “Tuscon-apology,” accepted! The words:”Crosshairs,” and “2nd amendment solutions,” must be eliminated from political vocabulary.

10 Jan

When Sarah Palin sent her letter of condolences to the family of Congresswoman Giffords before many others did, she did so with good intentions. ex Governor Palin offered her apologies to someone she barely knew, to someone who was only connected to her by her active support of that person’s opponent during the 2010 election. Her opposition to the Congresswoman included her inclusion in her “map with crosshairs,” the map that she published to demonstrate her desire to defeat such candidates.
Sarah Palin appears to be a very descent and compassionate human being. ex Governor Palin is not likely to wish for her followers to [physically] harm her political opponents. The ex Governor of Alaska, however, must have realized that those thousands of admiring followers, that she has, are likely to react to every one of her desires, and to take her words literally, like the Gospel.

ex-Governor Palin must realize that many could have taken her “crosshairs” suggestion, literally, and used the offer of condolences as an apology to the victim, and to the nation. Palin apologized for what perhaps making her crosshairs be a trigger for some followers to include shootings in their political discourse.

Palin’s apology should be accepted even though it might have caused the loss these many lives in Arizona, and to change the United States political landscape. The young lady, that ex Governor Palin is, and others who spoke about “second amendment” solution, simply failed to realize how much impact their words could have on some of their numerous followers.