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Obama’s Iran appeasement; a systematic sacrifice of friends? (Text shared:

20 Mar

Appeasement is not diplomacy!

With a strong mandate, President Obama roared in like a lion in January, but is approaching April as a lamb, a lamb whose words are load and strong, its deeds lack knowledge, conviction, or authority.

President Barak Hussein Obama is a great orator, yet a very weak communicator. Obama does not understand that communication include action, not just words.

Granting his first television interview to an anti-Israel, anti-Jewish news outlet, was a clear demonstration that Obama’s Islamic roots are deeper than he is openly admits; it shows that in his case, blood is indeed thicker than water.

On Christmas Eve, 2008, President Ahmadinejad of Iran arranged for Hamas, by breaking a cease fire, to cause an Israeli attack on Gaza. Attacking on Christmas Eve, the Iranian President demonstrated that he has no respect for Christianity; Ahmadinejad is a koranic person who believes in Islamic world domination, with a complete disregard to any other religion, or human beliefs.  

Obama’s approaching the Iranian people under  Ahmadinejad, and his even more militant superior, Ayatollah Khamenei, is not only a sign of weakness, it is a demonstration that Obama is an opportunist who would do anything, sacrifice friends and allies, in order to get his way.

In the US-Iran conflict, Obama was the first one to blink, he essentially agreed to reduce the long standing US commitment to Israel in order to ease energy concerns, and help the United States economy. By his overtures to Iran, President Obama also sends a signal to Iran that when the US leaves Iraq, it will become fair game for adding it to an Iranian controlled Shiite region.

It is either naivete, or deeply rooted Islamic commitment that seem to drive President Obama to take reckless steps, and throw allies (i.e Wright, Israel, Ayers, etc.) under the bus, when they cease to be useful to him.

Please remember, President Obama, sacrificing old friends to advance new causes is a sure way to self-distraction.

Obama’s “Character,” is there something lacking? The case of Wright.

15 Jan

In one episode of West Wing, Martin Sheen, the President, states that the Presidency is all about character;  he was right. Standing behind one’s word, not sacrificing loyalties for sake of expediency, and generally being honest, are traits a good President must posses.

The United States offers all people an environment in which they can exercise free speech. Why can’t a Minister, or anyone else, for that matter, say: God Damn America? 

Since President  Obama admits that the Reverend Wright introduced him to Christianity, Baptized his daughters, and generally helped “form” his Christian self, the Reverend should play a major part in Obama’s life, political implications notwithstanding!

Not inviting Wright to participate in the inauguration was display a weakness of character suggesting that political expedience is more important to Obama than is the right thing to do!

Would Obama include Ayers, Wright, and Farrakhan in inoguration?

6 Jan

Since loyalty matters! Should Obama include the Reverend Wright, who introduced himto Christianity, and who baptized hi daughters, in the inauguration? If he doesn’t because of political correctness, then he does not become the example of what America is! President-elect Obama does not have t agree with the Reverend Wright, but Wright should be allowed to have his own opinions. Wright did not shout fire in a crowded church, nor did he advocate the overthrow of the Government by force; Obama must include Wright in the inauguration.

Te case with Farrakhan is somewhat different. Inviting Farrakhan would be an insult to many people, but the President-elect should not keep Farrakhan away just to please many American who consider Farrakhan to be an evil man.