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Limbaugh’s Politicizing and minimizing the threat of swine-flu; the epitome of irresponsibility:

2 May

Politicizing the swine-flu, a sample of Limbaugh disgraceful and irresponsible behavior:

Limbaugh after repeating the fact that he is 91.1% correct explained to his audience that, while the global community was entering a state of panic: The swine flu pandemic is Democrat fabrication designed to divert attention from Obama’s lackluster first 100 days!

The man who speaks for the United States conservatives, the man who claims to nearly never be wrong, insulted those members of the global community who have a level of intelligence beyond that of the herd of sheep that is his (Limbaugh’s) audience.

Limbaugh is a druggy, shaking as he was at the CPAC convention while wishing that Obama should fail. Limbaugh’ ego is either so big, or his insecurities so enormous, that by making outrageous statements he thinks his poor academic history, his highly immoral life, and low level of intelligence, can be hidden; they cannot!

Rush Limbaugh is a disgrace to conservatism (that he claims to represent,) to the GOP, and more importantly, to the United States. When will Limbaugh learn to either shut-up, or start dealing with realities, and not with his drug generated fantasies!

Rush Limbaugh’s anti-Semitic/Jewish reference to the Jewish Shylock as a representation of dishonest money lenders, what a shameful view!

28 Apr

Rush Limbaugh’s anti-Semitic/Jewish reference to the Jewish Shylock as a representation of dishonest money lenders, is a shameful perspective!

On his radio show Rush Limbaugh referred to an Obama mortgage web effort as the Shylock web. Since Shylock was a Shakespearean unscrupulous Jewish-money lender, Limbaugh’s reference is a clear and damning statement regarding the Jewish character. 

Inasmuch as Arabs are also Semites, the Limbaugh condemnation is not actually anti-Semitic, it is rather simply: Anti-Jewish.

For perhaps the most influential conservative spokes person in the United States, Rush Limbaugh, to refer to crooked money sources as Shylocks; is, in a word, much like a statement made by another important conservative voice, Ann Coulter, who suggested that Jews should become Christians in order to be all they can be, is shameful!

These are embarrassing statements by those who, among other things, represent the religious right, they are especially damning  in view of the fact that perhaps the most accomplished person in history, the one who impacted the world more than any other person, was a Jewish Rabbi by the name of Yeshua bar Yosef (more commonly referred to as Jesus Christ.) 

Based on anti-Semitic/Jewish statements by two leading conservative voices, can, or should, one assume that the United States conservatives are anti-Jewish? Or, should one realize that Coulter and Limbaugh are sensationalists who often shoot-from-the-hip just to get attention?


Cheney, like Linbaugh, is flirting with treason!

23 Mar

For Dick Cheney, with the authoritative words of a recent Vice President, to say words which suggest that President Obama’s actions make the United States more vulnerable to terror, is to offer an invitation for terrorists to act. Here is a man who had access to the deepest of United States secrets suggesting that the country is vulnerable, what an opening, what an inviting suggestion for terrorists to strike!

Words that when  said by the man in the street are protected by the First Amendment, but when they provide incitement,  and when they are spoken by a voice of authority, could be as damaging as shouting fire in a crowded theater. Mr. Cheney, even though out of office, is a man with inside knowledge of United States secrets, and who still speaks with authority, must guard his words and start to act in a responsible manner.

Limaugh, speaking for one of only two influential political parties in the United States, statements that he wants the President to fail may be allowable in a democracy, but, never-the-less, they are treasonous! Limbaugh explains that he means that he wants Obama’s policies to fail, but that is still like suggesting that the baby be allowed to go down the drain with the bath water, or that the country governed by the President, be allowed to fail!

Even though Limbaugh and Cheney are two meaningless individuals they appear to speak for the powerful Republican party, they may represent some hard-core members, but they are hurting the party, and what it stands for.

By keeping quite, George W. Bush is setting a fine example. the previous President refraining from criticizing those in power demonstrates maturity and responsibility. Unlike the behavior of his Vice President, Cheney, and Limbugh, the voice of American conservatism, the ex-President behavior is to be commended.

Telling terrorist  that they have an opening, and suggesting that the President should fail, are not words of patriots, these are word of appeasers, perhaps even words of, traitors!

Limbaugh: Laughing at his audience and at the Public!

7 Mar

Rush Limbaugh always seemed to deal with his audience, and with the American public, as if they are inferior to him, and as if they are designated targets for ridicule by him. Limbaugh’s television show, that did not last long, showed to [television] viewers how his live audience appeared to be like cows led to slaughter, like the crowd that watched the Emperor display his new clothing.

There is little doubt that the Limbaugh television show was dropped because seeing his live audience, TV viewers can see Limbaugh’s disregard to the intelligence of his audience, and, of course, of the American Public in general.

Keith Oberman of MSNBC, not necessarily a great visionary, but a man with some reasonable insight, refers to Rush Limbaugh as Comedian Limbaugh, when will the United States public wake up an realize that Rush Limbaugh is not someone to be taken seriously?  Limbaugh, with or without intent, is indeed a comedian, and should be dealt as one by all his viewers!

Colter and Limbaugh: Anything for attention! Or, The Emperor’s New Clothing

7 Mar

Two of the most vocal spokespersons for conservatism and the Republican cause are Limbaugh and Colter, the former appears to nearly always be under the influence of drugs, the latter hiding enormous insecurities; would say anything, the more outrageous, the better! They do so just to get attention.

The American public and the media would be best served by ignoring these two maniacs, the Republican should openly, and as Steele tried and failed, formally, disavow them as representatives of Republicanism!

Colter in Limbaugh use the type of  human insecurity that was displayed in the Emperor’s new clothing; the public generally realizes the ridiculous statements made by Limbaugh and Colter, but is generally afraid to be ridiculed as Michael Steele did when he attempted to counter Limbauh.

Neither pure socialism, nor pure capitalism [can] exist; why the outcry about Obama’s “virtual”-socialism?

19 Feb


Prologue:                                                                                                                                Those interested in the topic of this blog which deals with the facts that Capitalism, as is Socialism, in their pure states, cannot survive within sovereign human societies, should also avail themselves of:               

This blog, Part II: Why is it not possible for either purs Socialism or pure Capitalism to survive?


Pure Capitalism means anarchy, while pure Socialism means Chaos!

The issue: Since neither pure socialism, nor pure capitalism [can] exist; why the outcry about Obama’s [virtual]-socialism? The outcry about what many spoke-persons for US conservatives label: European Socialism?

Conservative media voices, such as Hannity, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Beck, Ingel, Coulter, to name a few, keep telling their audiences that socialism never worked. What they fail to tell their audiences is that neither did capitalism. As a matter of fact, one cannot identify an economic system that endured without including socialistic elements, or without undergoing major changes, throughout the history of civilization.

Some economies have been around and prospered for a few years, they were (a few still are) generally a hybrid operations adopting principals from one system or another, when it deemed advisable. There are a number of capitalistic countries (such as Canada, and perhaps Sweden) that boast national, or socialistic health care systems. Their systems may not be perfect, but they are clearly not inferior the the US system, and they do not leave out tens of millions of their citizen without any health resources.

United States capitalism, the great success, that it appeared to be from time to time, had major failures (such as the great dipression, and the situation we are in today;) that notwithstanding, it also deploys socialistic elements to simply allow it to function. Labor unions, the small amount of income re-distribution in the tax code, and welfare, are but three examples, there are many more, none are necessarily destructive items to degrade capitalism, to the contrary, they usually enhance the way economies operate.

Conservatives should not fear Obama for socialistic elements that he may introduce in his policies; if they chose to criticize the President, they should do so on the merit of each item they don’t like, not because they could attach the socialism label to it!

A Republican meltdown: Sensationalism; the Cheney, Limbaugh, Coulter, factor!

5 Feb

The selection of Michael Steele to head the Republican party was a stroke of genius; he is a good man and should have a positive impact on the party. The fact that the likes of David Duke are against the selection, speaks well for the appointment.

While selecting what appears to be a credible leader, a number of prominent Republican voices added to the disgrace the party suffered in the 2008 election. From Rush Limbaugh hoping that President Obama fails, to Ann Coulter who continue to make outlandish statement so that she can sell books and appear on television as often as she can, to former Vice President Cheney who says that the Obama Administration cannot keep a catastrophic terrorist attack from happening in the United.

Cheney’s statement demonstrate the character of a cunning, vindictive, and dangerous old man. Cheney realizes that if no attack takes place, his words would simply be forgotten, but if an attack does occur he would become the wise man with uncanny foresight.

Fot the Republican party to return to the graces of most of the American public, it would be wise to distance itself from the like of Limbaugh, Coulter, Cheney, and those others who sensationalize politics in order to get attention.

Steele could have been a good voice for the party, of special importance is his skin color, at a time when Republicans would like to shed off the label of elusiveness. But to the disappointment of many, after suggesting that Limbaugh is only and actor, not one speaking for the party, Steele stooped low and apologized to Limbaugh; what a gutless wonder, what another disgrace.