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Lance Armstrong was not disgraced, America was!

14 Jan

“Lance Armstrong was not disgraced, America was!
For several years, Lance Armstrong “proved” to the world that the United States is so formidable, almost invincible. He proved that the United States can win on others’ turf, at others’, game.
Millions were made and lost, betting on the “champion,” and against him; millions were given to charity because it boasted the Lance Armstrong name, and then!
America used to be a winner, and then came Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, the fall out of America’s leadership from behind at Arab Strings, culminating with LANCE ARMSTRING.
The world used to think that America is wonderful. America helped defeat Hitler, it helped rebuild those nations it defeated, what a fine generous people are these Americans, and now.
Armstrong! Lance Armstrong will now be the cause for questioning America’s integrity; can America only win by cheating?
What a disgrace to the United States of America, what a disgrace to America’s sports, let us all hope that Lance Armstrong disappears from the public eye, no more interviews, media attention, or celebrity. The damage was done, and what enormous damage that was!”