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Sequestration and “The Callous Presidency”

28 Feb

Sequestration and “The Callous Presidency.”
Notwithstanding the fact that President Obama is not eligible to run for “the” office after his second term ends, the young American President is running around the country, and when in Washington, dealing with his political agenda. President Obama is doing “politics as usual” while numerous Americans need jobs, and the national debt is out of control.
Barak Obama was elected with the hope that as a compassionate agent for change he will help America recover from the disaster left by George W. Bush, the inept but well-meaning President.
Obama did not waste time demonstrating that he was not what the public expected. He was re-elected after four failing years not because his performance, or ability, but rather because of his race. In spite of failing as President 97% of African-Americans and 70+% of Latinos helped elect President Obama, not a cross-section of the American public.
Starting on his second term, President Obama wasted no time capitulating and allowing politics determine his action. Calling people who make $150K to $450 middle class just so he can give the “middle class tax breaks,” and then his idea sequestration. All that was happening while forty million Americans either are unemployed, or under employed, and the President flaunts political and personal spending of taxpayers’ money.
President Obama has many flaws. One of the worst foreign policy in contemporary times, horrible economy, national debt out of control, BUT, his major flaw is that the man lacks compassion, Barak Obama’s Presidency is perhaps the most callous in history; what a let down!