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Keystone: A Strategic, not [primarily] an economic move.

10 Mar

Think strategy:

The US, under the Obama Administration does not seem to think in pragmatic terms about strategy. The Keystone pipeline project is a very good example. Should the Canadian oil be [physically] in the US, and should “imported” oil be restricted (closure of Hormuz, or whatever,) the US would be in a position to “confiscate” that oil for its own [domestic] use!

Without energy no modern economy can function, having in your territory oil, regardless of who technically owns said oil is an important security consideration; it is not an environmental issue! Such oil going through the United States, even though it may represent some environmental challenges, should not be primarily viewed as an issue of added profit to the oil companies, even though it may be so in the short-term.

Energy is the fuel that drives modern economies; you can NEVER have too much oil. Oil is to an economy, to health of a country as Oxygen is to life; it is a necessary, not a luxury. A functioning Keystone with proper safeguards would be a true [strategic] boon to the United States, while an economic shot in the arm to both Canada and the United States.