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Obama’s first week: Where is the beef?

28 Jan

The first week of President Obama in office was full of motion, but little movement forward.  The President demonstrated that he has a lot of energy and that he is willing to use it in office. Using a lot of energy is one thing, but harnessing it so that it produces positive results is another; did the Obama Administration produce any positive results?

Following are some of the most visible Obama accomplishments during week one:

  • Guantanamo —- Allowed President Obama to live up to a campaign promise, and bought him at least a year before his action can be actually measured.
  • Troop level in war zones —– Iraq troop level will be reduced; Afghanistan with 30,000 US troops now will receive at least 30,000 (committed) more, and Secretary of Defense Gates is warning of the likely need for more, one can expect in 2009 that in Afghanistan US troop level will be on par with what Iraq was. The promise of bringing troops home may prove in net to just be a campaign promise.
  • Middle East —- Sending George Mitchell to the region while Israel and the Palestinian Authority each has lame duck heads of state, is pre-mature, and foolish. Timing is important, but rushing things and speaking to the wrong people can spell disaster.
    • President Obama’s decision to grant his first television to Al-Arabia, a notorious anti-Israel (and its allies) news outlet sends a message that he feels a “bond” to the Islamic world. Was that action due to Obama’s Muslim-birth, upbringing, or “intellectual” considerations?
  • Economic Stimulus package —- at best a short-term help, a band-aide for a cancer. Unless the stimulus deals with getting the US to generate actual products, not just services, or fixes of infrastructure, the stimulus will exasperate the problem. 

So far negatives must include:

  1. The financial bailout: Loser, the American public
  2. Auto Industry bail out. Loser, the American public
  3. Al-Arabia interview, loser Israel, world Jewry, and all Zionists
  4. Troops: Rather than bringing troops home, transfer many to Afghanistan; Loser, the American Public.

Positive activities include Guantanamo (even though it will require a year to assess,) the stimulus package if it includes a requirement to “buy American,” and produce USA made products.