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It is Muslims who are killing Muslims, not the Zionists!

23 Mar

There were always conflicts within Islam, within Arab entities. For a few years the Islamic world was able to create a common enemy so that it could say, “your enemy’s enemy is my friend,” that enemy was essentially virtual; it was lumped under the term Zionism. The manifestation of that enemy, Israel became a target of Islamic range, and diverted attention away from its internal conflict.
Israel the “common enemy,” the child of the hated Zionism was handed the Islamic world in 1948 with the creation of the State of Israel, the Jewish State of Israel.
In 1948 five Islamic nations in the region attacked Israel vowing to push the Jewish state into the sea, and let the Arab inhabitant of the region benefit from the spoils, but the large, rich and powerful lost the 1948 war, as well as future wars ending in 1967. After that was the Arabs attempted several internal uprisings, terrorist acts, if you will, never with overwhelming success.
Failing to maintain Israel as anything but a virtual foe, the Muslims starting to kill one another as has been their nature throughout their inception as a single religion.
The Muslim against Muslim phenomena is both religious and cultural, it recognizes few national boundaries and it is bloody and brutal.
This subject deserve a long and extensive review, let me just scratch the surface, enough to demonstrate the severity of the conflict.
Arab Springs was a trigger that started internal wars in North Africa. Egyptians are killing Egyptians, Libyans are killing Libyans, it is so in Somalia, Yemen, Mali, and the list goes on.
Muslims are killing scores of Muslims in Iraq since the Americans left and there is Syria.
Assad in Syria has been slaughtering civilians, and causing thousands of other to leave the country. Since the beginning of the uprising in Syria Assad caused the death of more civilians than all the Muslims killed from 1920 to present time in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
Assad’s action has already brought into the region nearly twice as many refugees than there are Palestinian refugees, and the number is growing.
Muslims, mostly Arab Muslims are killing Muslims by the thousand, they are not likely to stop, not even if they are able to manufacture another was in Israel. The Islamic internal conflict is so deep rooted that there is no end in sight that it is not truly subject to change due to some manufactured external diversion.
Finally, with growing Muslim population in Europe and elsewhere, one can anticipate Islamic bloodshed in streets of those countries in which large number of Muslims live!

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