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Obama and Israel’s nuke build-up! Or: Forcing Israel to become a nuclear “super-power!” — Borrowed from

15 Apr

“With friends like [Obama’s] United States,” Israel does not need enemies.

Enemies Israel has, it is surrounded by enemies, and it has enemies within its borders, especially within its united Capital of Jerusalem. But the United States, Israel’s most dependable ally of over sixty years, under Barak Hussein Obama, has distanced itself from the Jewish State, and through inept international relations, is forcing Israel to become more self-reliant when it comes to national defence. President Obama’s inability to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions, or to get the Islamic nations of the Middle East to view the United States as a friend, has caused Israel’s security to weaken since he took office.

Barak Obama most recent nuclear nonproliferation activity, which returned Russia to a state of a “superpower” (while weakening the United States global influence,) also enhances Israel’s vulnerability. Iran’s open threats to Israel and that Islamic Republic nuclear ambitions which go unchecked (expect for Obama meaningless rhetorics,) are also causing fear in the Arab Middle East, which as a result, may elect to go nuclear at the expense of Israel’s (and the rest of the non-Islamic world,) security. The United states activity in the nuclear arena will force Israel to independently enlarge its nuclear arsenal, and the various nuclear-weapons delivery systems.

With a highly sophisticated home-grown missile technology, with state-of-the-art submarines built-in East Germany, and with an advanced aircraft industry, Israel will continue to work with the Americans, but will also build a parallel capability making it a nuclear “super power,” as small and fragile as it is.

Barak Obama’s nuclear nonproliferation will likely lead to an expended and more diverse “nuclear family,” not the results he seems to desire.