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Israel, a pawn in Obama’s geopolitical game!

28 Jul


Israel, Obama’s bargaining-chip!

 Israel has turned into a pawn in Obama’s international chess game. His emissary, George Mitchell, already made a statement suggesting that before any progress is made, Israel must stop building in the West Bank… Israel must give again, even before most Islamic (including Arab) nations would even acknowledge its right to exist, or agree to remove from their charters provisions to destroy Israel.

 Yes, according to the Obama doctrine, Israel must give up security consideration, some of its historic rights, and its right to unabated self-determination, before its enemies need to make any concessions. Israel is the pawn Obama is willing to sacrifice in his geo-political game with his Muslim brethren.

 For over sixty years Israel was the only democracy, and the only dependable ally the United States had in the middle East; was all that time a waste to only lead to an Israel without defendable borders, a country surrounded by enemies who are determined to destroy it, or at least do-away with its character, the one that makes it a Jewish state, a state where Jews that the rest of the world often rejects, can have refuge and peace forever?

 Obama, who by virtue of his Islamic nature, instincts, and birthrights, seems to think like a Muslim, act like a Muslim, and have obvious sympathies for Islam, seems to support Israel as long as it does his bidding. As long as Israel is willing to jump when the Obama Administration tells it to jump, Obama is willing to consider it an ally, but let Israel voice opinion contrary to that of his Administration, it’s under the bus to join all other who does not serve his political ambitions.

 To Barak Hussein Obama, neither Israel, nor Jews are important unless they serve his political agenda. Obama’s friends only remain friends as long as their friendship does not require sacrifices by the President. There is the Reverend Wright, the gays who expected the don’t ask don’t tell to be removed, the Ayers, and many others who can attest to the fact that loyalty is not a trait Obama possesses.

 For international alliances to work loyalties are needed, and the world is learning that Obama cannot be counted on when loyalty is required. Israel, and the Jewish people must accept that Obama’s friendship towards them is a fragile state that can be easily be abandoned by the President should it interfere with his agenda.