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Is the US experiment in Jeffersonian democracy destined to fail?

18 Dec

Is the US experiment in Jeffersonian democracy destined to fail?

Not yet 250 years young, the first representative (or, Jeffersonian) democracy in human history is sputtering; is it destined to fail?
By historical measures the United States democracy is very young, too young to declare a success.
A few interesting questions should be asked:
Why does the strongest nation on earth require a defense budget that is larger than the rest of all its other expenditures combined?
Why does the US need to borrow money in order to function?
Why are so many people under, or unemployed in the US?
Why does the President of the strongest nation on earth allow a third-world nation, like Iran, snub him (like it did at the UN in NY,) in public, and then go back for more?
Why do benefits that US veterans earned have to be cut in order to have a budget?
Many more questions regarding the viability of the United States can, and should, be asked. Some questions may have to deal with its unique system for electing its government.
The above questions were asked to demonstrate that the United States has serious problems, and the its Jeffersonian democracy can not yet be declared a historical success!