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The Koran is Islam’s decleration of war on non-Muslims including the [Judeo/Christian] United States. (Text reprinted by permission of

6 Apr

The Koran is a declaration of war  n

on-Muslims! This translates to the fact that Islam is at war with the [Judeo/Christian] United States, Obama words to the contrary notwithstanding. President Obam: a told audiences in Turkey that the United States is not now, and will never be, at war with Islam. Barak Hussein Obama is either extremely naive, as he has demonstrated on numerous earlier occasions, or he is playing politics even while he should be governing.

Had the good and talented Obama took the time to read the Koran, he would have realized that all non-Islamic countries, and non-Muslims ARE enemies of Islam, including the United States and the parts of its non-Muslim population.

President George W. Bush started to speak of a divide Islam, he separated peaceful Islam from what he termed radical Islam. President Bush tried to spread the idea that only a small group within Islam is anti the United States. If President Bush meant that only a small group, those he called radical Muslims, is actively terrorizing the no-Islamic world, he might have been right. But it must be noted that the Koran calls for the elimination of all non-Muslims. All loyal believers in Islam MUST accept that to be a non-Muslim is a sin, more importantly, those believers who do not labor at trying to convert all non-Muslim to Islam, or otherwise find means to eliminate them; are also sinners!

Muslims are not necessarily bad people, but if they are followers of the Koran they are instructed not to accept the rights of non-Muslims to exist. President Obama stating in Turkey that the United States is not at war with Islam, and that it will never be, may be partially right.

The other side of the coin, however, suggest that Islam is at war with a [Christian] United States, and will always be. Barak Hussein Obama, since assuming the office of President, started overtures towards Islam at the expense of other allies, especially of the state of Israel, as soon as he assumed office. While speaking in Turkey, President Obama also appealed to the people of Iran stating, as he did in his video message to Iran, that the United States would like to communicate with Iran based on mutual respect, without insisting that Iran must relinquish its goal of destroying the state of Israel.

By giving his first television interview after entering the White-House to an openly anti-Israel news outlet, Al Arabia, he perpetrated an act that suggested a diminishing level of support to Israel, it was a message that the new administration will take a much harder line with Israel than did it predecessor. A few questions come to mind when reviewing Obama’s international policies.

There is very little doubt that President Obama is taking support away from Israel, and shifting that support towards Islam. Is the shift due to the fact the the Jews, represented by Israel, number less than twenty million on the blobe, while there are more the a billion Muslims? Is it due to the fact that Barak Hussein Obama is with Islamic birthrights? Or, could it be because the Islamic world control a great deal of oil that the United States still needs, while Israel has no oil?

Are the facts the fact that David Axelrod the President Obama’s senior adviser, that Rham Emanuel is the White-House chief of staff, are Jewish, and that Hillary Clinton was elected Senator from a state with a heavy Jewish voting population, make policy makers in the Administration feel that the Jews will consider Obama a friend regardless of his actions?

If that is the White-House thinking, the day will come that they will regret this unfortunate way of dealing with the world. One may ask if the fact that Israel elected a rightist government is, at least in part, a response to how the United States Administration is catering to the Islamic world?