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While 25% Americans are poor; why waste $ on meaningless Iowa caucuaes?

21 Dec

The irrelevance of the Iowa caucuses!

 How can Americans, as a nation justify spending million of dollars for the totally irrelevant Iowa caucuses when nearly 20 million American are either unemployed, or under-employed?

This year the group of potential Republican candidates is not a stellar collection of potential losers. In spite of the fact that the group is weak, there is a chance that one member of the group could become the GOP Presidential candidate. The Iowa early voice, which is determined in caucuses, has nothing to do with the candidate selection, it is a shameful waste of money at the time that so many Americans are poor.

Adding to that irrational behavior is the fact that out of seven candidates only about half have any qualification that would allow the public to consider them seriously as Presidential candidates.

Nearly not qualified for “prime time” (in order of those higher in the poles): Ron Paul (the Nevil Chamberlain of the twenty-first century,) Michele Bachmann (lack of general knowledge, i.e. US Embassy in Iran,) Rick Perry (unprepared as he demonstrated in various occasions during the present process,) and Rick Sentorum (whose life and total approach to life evolves around religion.

Why is America spending so many millions on meaningless primaries when so many of its people are living below the poverty level?