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Torture: Those who did not serve in war, should not sit in judgement!

14 May

Torture: Those who did not serve in war should not sit in judgement!

The young eighteen year old whose best buddy was blown up while he, himself , survived a road side bomb, surviving as his buddy was in flames and screaming from pain, may not likely treat a jailed terrorist with dignity, as was suggested by George Washington. Would you, under similar circumstances?

Soldiers who suffer from war stress, soldeirs who are taught to kill the enemy by any means necessary in order to survive, and to protect their commrads, cannot, and should not, be expect in a war zone, to be judged as civilians in the [relative] safety of their homes.

In a perfect world torture will not be needed, but then, in a perfect world reasons for torture will not exist.

Since torture policies under the Bush Administration followed the pragmatic cases of soldiers in the field committing acts that can be construed as torture, and since the Administration policy followed, circumstancesshould be the determining factors of culpability. What followed, the chicken, or the egg? Acts or torture, or the policy of torture?

The United States, its people, Government, and political voices, should look at the issue from an  appropriate perspective, and not judge the matter as if it is happening in a perefct world!