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Reich: 2013 worst income disparity; indicting Obama, or Socialism?

12 Jan

Reich: 2013 worst income disparity; indicting Obama, or Socialism?
Robert Reich, a Socialist, or at least a pseudo Socialist is either indicting the Obama economic policy with its bail-outs, and stimulus, for the horrible income disparity in the United States. Even President Obama is complaining of the inequality of income in the country.
Equality is not what we want since that means everyone regardless of contribution, or effort, receiving the same benefits, the same level of wealth. What one seeks is equitable distribution based on contribution,. or at least the effort to contribute to society.
President Obama’s four years, culmination with 2013 which the indictment by Reich support my early blog that deals with the fact that neither pure Socialism, nor pure Capitalism is viable; my contention: Only a hybrid economic system can be successful for humans…