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Obama’s Iran appeasement; a systematic sacrifice of friends? (Text shared:

20 Mar

Appeasement is not diplomacy!

With a strong mandate, President Obama roared in like a lion in January, but is approaching April as a lamb, a lamb whose words are load and strong, its deeds lack knowledge, conviction, or authority.

President Barak Hussein Obama is a great orator, yet a very weak communicator. Obama does not understand that communication include action, not just words.

Granting his first television interview to an anti-Israel, anti-Jewish news outlet, was a clear demonstration that Obama’s Islamic roots are deeper than he is openly admits; it shows that in his case, blood is indeed thicker than water.

On Christmas Eve, 2008, President Ahmadinejad of Iran arranged for Hamas, by breaking a cease fire, to cause an Israeli attack on Gaza. Attacking on Christmas Eve, the Iranian President demonstrated that he has no respect for Christianity; Ahmadinejad is a koranic person who believes in Islamic world domination, with a complete disregard to any other religion, or human beliefs.  

Obama’s approaching the Iranian people under  Ahmadinejad, and his even more militant superior, Ayatollah Khamenei, is not only a sign of weakness, it is a demonstration that Obama is an opportunist who would do anything, sacrifice friends and allies, in order to get his way.

In the US-Iran conflict, Obama was the first one to blink, he essentially agreed to reduce the long standing US commitment to Israel in order to ease energy concerns, and help the United States economy. By his overtures to Iran, President Obama also sends a signal to Iran that when the US leaves Iraq, it will become fair game for adding it to an Iranian controlled Shiite region.

It is either naivete, or deeply rooted Islamic commitment that seem to drive President Obama to take reckless steps, and throw allies (i.e Wright, Israel, Ayers, etc.) under the bus, when they cease to be useful to him.

Please remember, President Obama, sacrificing old friends to advance new causes is a sure way to self-distraction.

If Unilateral Israeli cease-fire holds; a second straight win for Ahmadinejad:

17 Jan

Ahmadinejad triggered Israel to act in 2006 against Hezbollah; Israel arrived at a stalemate, an actual loss. On Christmas Eve 2008 Ahmadinejad triggered Israel to act against Hama; if Israel’s “unilateral cease fire” holds, it would amount to another loss by Israel to Ahmadinejad.

Unless the 2009 cease-fire breaks and Israel completely incapacitate Hamas; the score of 2006 into 2009 would be:

Ahmadinejad 2: Israel 0.

One can hope Israel does not capitulate and strengthen Ahmadinejad by keepong an operational Hamas in Gaza.

Hamas “Christmas-attack;” Islam’s disrespect for others?

16 Jan

A few years ago, Islamic Arab Nations attacked Israel on the Jewish High Holiday of Yom Kippur; does the 2008 Christmas suspending cease-fire with Israel is another signal that Holidays of others are but targets for humiliation and disrespect for Muslims?

It is clear that Islam does not respect the two other monotheist religions, but that it tather set to replace them through world dominance. The symbolic act by Hamas on Christmas day of shooting numerous rockets into Israel may well be an Iran ordered demonstration to the West that to Muslims, beliefs of others. are wrong and should be replaced.

The present “Christmas-Conflict,” should be carried out to a level that Hamas’ voice, except perhaps as a democratic part within the Palestinian Authority,  as well as that of its sponsor, Iran, be silenced forever.

Even though Israel can terminate the action and reach its goal at will, it is important that ending the conflict is put off until after the US inauguration so that the new Administration should be a part, or at least endorse, whatever final agreement is reached.

Israel to Hamas: “Hasta la vista;” but not literally, Hamas will be silenced!

14 Jan

Hamas is expendable, and for all practical purposes will disappear!

The famos Austrian philosopher turned politicians when playing in his role of Terminator used so tell his adversaries as he was destroying them: Hasta la vista! Israel should be saying that to Hamas, even though not meaning it in its literally meaning of: See you later.

The implied meaning, as should the Israeli message to Hmas be, is: Good bye; You are finished!

Gaza: Aryan Shiites (Persians) attempt to Control Arab world

31 Dec

Even though the Iranians are a minority Islam fraction, and they are Aryans, not Arabs, the Iranian are attempting to take de Facto control of the Muslim world. Ahmadinejad and his cronies realize that in order to control the Arabs, who like the Jews are Semites, and like the Jews are preferred by Allah anf Jehova over the Aryans, they must move quickly. Time is not on ther dide of Iran. In spite, or perhaos because of its threat to acquire nuclear weapons, Arab nations, wo are mostly Sunnis, will soon wake up and realize that Israel. the Jews, and their common God, will prevail over the Persians and their Ayatollahs.

The purpose the Iranian instigation of the December 2008 Gaza conflict was demonstrated by two missiles reached Be’er Sheva, Asdodwas also reached. Is this conflict that is getting world wide attention, a demonstration by Ahamadinejad and his cronies that Hammas is getting better equipped and its rockets may soon reach Tel-Aviv?

Not unlike the second Lebanese war in 2006, the Islamic terrorists directed and funded by the NON-Arab Persian Aryan Shiites, understand that Israel has a number of “triggers.” that will make it react; notably capturing its soldiers, or sending hundreds of rockets into civilian centers. Triggering Israel, the Iranian and their terrorist clients, know that Israel retaliation would get world condemnation, and gain the Palestinian cause a number of sympathizers.

The 200 rockets into Israel in December 2008 was a calculated action to generate Israel retaliation. Among other things, the terrorists, under Iranian direction, took the opportunity to send longer range missiles as a demonstration of what to come.

Timing of the 200 missiles was also designed to put the new American Administration that Iran and its [perhaps unwitting] clients, are going to challenge the United States, through intimidation of Israel, its closest ally.

Hammas under its Iranian mentors are betting that in spite of Israeli stating that the Gaza action will be an all out war, Israel is not likely to use the overwhelming force that would be required to eliminate, or at least eliminate  Hammas. Short of eliminating the Hammas threat, Israel would appear as if at had lost tw0 wars to the Arabs, the 2006 Lebanese, and the 2008 Gaza conflict; this is not a desirable position for the United States and its allies to be In.