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Had McCain been President, Captain Phillips would have probably been killed! While President Obama excelled in dealing with the pirates, Hannity and the like, the major conservative voices, are suggesting that President Obama, who dealt with the situation in an exemplary manner, desrves little or no credit…

13 Apr

A war hero, the son and grandson of high ranking military officers, John McCain would have not likely waited out the pirates, or given the FBI tine to set the stage for military action, as President Obama did. Quicker action by the United States could have possible spelled a quick end to Captain Phillips’ life!

The Founding Fathers were very insicive people, they realised that the military should operate under civilian authorities; McCain the retired war hero with extensive military history in the family, could not likely waited for the civilians (such as the FBI) to set the stage for effective military action.

Sean Hannity of Fox News, in a discussion with Bernard Goldberg, one of his yes man, suggested that President Obama only did what he was required to do by law. Goldberg, totally out of character,  tried to challenges hin and suggest that it is time Conservatives stopped looking for faults in everything President Obama does.

Not only do the Conservatives look for faults in everything President Obama does, the Hennety suggestion that the President only followed the law by doing what he did. is totally false. Obama rejected the first Pentagon request to use deadly force until the ground was properly for military action. When enough time passed, and the preparation were made, did President Obama give the Pentagon to use deadly force.  President Obama deserves a great deal of credit for the way he dealt with the Pirates situation, Conservatives claims to the contrary, notwithstanding.

It may be providence that made Obama President, he played all the cards right, and Captain Phillips was saved. The United States, and especially the Phillps family should thank the Creator for the 2008 election results.