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Re. Iran: Would Israel need to relieve an Islamophobic Obama?

24 Feb

Re. Iran: Would Israel need to relieve an Islamophobic Obama?

President Obama seems to fear conflict with Muslims. Yes, he did get bin Laden killed, but that was the result of an effort that started many years ago. “Taking out” bin Laden was a matter of necessity, not choice; the same hold true with other al Qaeda operatives that President Obama eliminated. Nore power for the Commander-in-Chief.

But: When it comes to real Islamic challenges, the young American President seems to be timid. Most alarming is his dealing with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and the Ayatollah Khomeini as they are preparing to become a nuclear power, and perhaps destroy the State of Israel. President Barak Hussein Obama, and his Secretary of State Clinton, keep insisting that sanctions and diplomacy can work, they are doing so in spite of clear statements from Ahmadinejad that as long as the United States is [even] friendly with Israel, Iran will not engage in dialogue with it.

The Iranians are serious! Actions by Iran, starting with reverse sanctions against the West will start to have significant effect on the world economy, an unhealthy economy, as it is! Cutting oil to Europe would sooner, or later add to price of Gasoline in the United States, and would get Americans to either to recognize the problem as one directly associated with Islam’s desire for world domination, and insist that the United States take action against Iran, or feel that if the United States forsakes Israel, matters “will return to normal,” a myth, but a potential fall out of US inaction. Would Obama inaction cause the return in the United States of bumper stickers stating: “Less Jews, more oil?” Or, would the United States live-up to it singular “superpower?”

In spite of all Unites States support of Israel, including important supply of bunker-busting bombs, Israel is in no position to take on Iran without help. Israel may win a short-term conflict, but should it be forced to do so, the toll on its economy would be enormous, the fragility of its existence become even more alarming than it is now.

If the Unites States relinquish its role as the super-power and essentially force Israel to do its dirty work with Iran, what credibility would the United States have remaining?

Is Obama reluctant to hold a hard-line with Islamic regimes the result of his formative years among Muslims, or is it because he doe not have the intestinal fortitude to do the job for which he was elected? There not seem to be an answer to these questions, but the results are alarming! The United States must have a chief executive who can stand for its interests regardless what phobias he, or she, may have.

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