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Will Obama trade Israel’s security for his own legacy? Or, is oil more important than Jews (Israel?)

3 Jun

An ill planned, ill-fated Obama trip to the Islamic Middle East, is a slap in the face of Israel and its supported.  In addition to capitulating to Islamic leader, bowing to their kings, and now suggesting that the rogue Islamic nation of Iran has the right to have nuclear power at its disposal, Obama seems to be ready to allow the chasm between Israel, the only democratic ally that the United States in the Middle East, to grow.

Communicating with ones enemies may be OK, but negotiating with an enemy that is on record for destroying ones ally, is not; yet Obama is willing to hold discussions with the Iranians whose leaders are bound and determined to destroy Israel.

At the risk of losing Islamic allies (which the United States does not really have,) Obama is apologizing to the Islamic world for acts that the Unites States should not apologize for, for actions that were done in good faith, actions that may have well been the correct actions for the time and place.

Barak Obama must not try to judge actions of past Administrations, nor apologize for those who behind him did the best job they could. Obama also must guard against unrealistic ambitions. The President desire for oil independence should not be allowed to sacrifice allies such as Israel.

It is very important to avoid temptation, become cult followers of Obama, and accept his rhetoric’s about peaceful Islam. The American public could be easily trapped by Obama’s oratory excellence and start to believe that a sacrifice of Israel may ease oil prices, and bring about world peace; it will not, even some voices in the US are emerging that suggest Israel should not get the support given it by the United States if it have adverse effect on Islamic relations, more importantly, on the supply of Arab oil; please all be vigil or an irreparable rapture may develop, a rapture that may end any and all hopes for real word peace!