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Obama’s re-election a “go” signal for Islamic radicalism? Or, Is Palestinians “victim” image a “license for mayhem?”

18 Nov

Obama’s re-election a “go” signal for Islamic radicalism?

The Obama Administration took no action when the Iranian shot at on of the United States dones…The Obama Administration, wittingly, or otherwise allowed the radical action against it in Benghazi and took no action,,,The Obama Administration “led from behind” the Arab Springs movement towards enhanced Sharia rule (mistaking it as a move towards democratization,) and the Obama Administration is yet to take a real stand regarding the Hamas rocket attacks on Israel’s civilians.

During Obama’s Cairo speech Barak Obama set the tone of his Administration with Islam, the Administration would allow Muslims a great deal of freedom to so as its leaders see fit. Yes, the Administration imposed sanctions on Iran, but it is not stopping that Islamic Republic from acquiring nuclear weapons, nor from supporting terrorist organizations such as Hamas, and Hezbollah. The Administration is also not interfering in Iran’s support of Assad in Syria in spite of the slaughter of over 30,000 civilians, and counting.

Did Obama’s re-election signal to Hamas that openly attacking Israel would not meet with any resistance from the US Administration? Did Hamas wait for the day Romney is defeated since he would have likely put a stop to the Hamas action without delay? After all, the United States has assets in the Mediterranean, and could have easily kept the Hamas attacks on Israel from taking place.

The Obama inaction is at least a tacit approval of Hamas activity. Riding on the fact that for years the world have been exposed to Palestinian propaganda, and the fact that Barak Obama has sympathies towards Islam, Muslims are now, and will continue to take advantage of the United States, and among other things allow Russia, in spite of not having the “Union” behind it, to slowly assume leadership.

During the last several decades, the Palestinian people, backed by Islamic nations, and by others “developing” nations, conducted a campaign to paint themselves as “victims,” a very successful campaign, might add.

The Palestinians victim image, which seems to make most media sympathize with them in any conflict because “they are the victims.”

Victims are “underdogs,” and the world always supports the underdog, especially Jewish people who are used to being discriminated against, and are understanding of the phenomena.

Would Obama with his inept leadership allow the Islamic World create chaos that would eventually have direct effects on the United States?

The next four years will be critical years in human history. with Obama at the helm in the United States, one should be very apprehensive bout what shape the world would take by the time Obama leaves office.