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Delusional Obama thinks 4th best, actually tied for 3rd worst:

21 Dec

Delusional Obama thinks he is 4th best, actually tied for 3rd worst:

President Obama is a horrible President; he is in league with Jimmy Carter, and George W. Bush, as the worst President(s) United States history.

Obama is a superb orator, perhaps one of the best in the annals of man. In spite of oratorical skill, President Obama is a poor communicator; oratory and communications are two different capabilities.

President Obama is a capitulator who often gives up on what he believes in favor of his legacy. Obama is proud of the amount of legislation passed while in office. The President does not mention that nearly every bit of legislation under his watch was watered down. From giving up on public option in the healthcare bill, to allowing short term of increasing the ceiling for the US debt, to leaving in Bush tax-cuts to the rich, and now the tax-cut to the middle class. The list of items in which President Bush capitulated is near endless: Barak Hussein Obama earned his stripes as the US Capitulator in Chief (C.i.C.)

Today President Obama suggested that he might be one of four best US Presidents; he clearly, is not!

Look at his foreign policy. Give credit where credit is due, his dealing with Al Qaeda were impressive, from taking out Bin Laden and a number of his key people, to warding off a number of potential attacks on the United States and its allies. Obama also did stand behind supplying weaponry to Israel, but on the other hand, his treatment of that ally, especially in public, leaves a great deal to be desired.

Obama’s other dealing in the international arena leave a lot to be desired. President Obama sacrificed the missile shield for Europe to appease the Russians who did not offer qui pro quo, but simply laughed at the young President and his inept Secretary of State. Iran and North Korea do not take Obama seriously, and the US image that was terrible when Obama took office, started to improve during his early Presidency, but then declined to now be on par with how it was under George W. Bush.

Ego is one thing! But, for someone as inept as Obama is proving to be, one who seems to feel that he is one of four best Presidents (while he is indeed one of the worst,) is another indication that the man is in the wrong job and should not be returned…