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Tornadoes while Netanyahu in US: A Divine message to Obama?

4 Mar

Tornadoes while Netanyahu in US: A Divine Message to President Obama?

Could it be that the monotheist Creator, call it God, Jehovah, or Allah, by sending devastating tornadoes to the United States while Benyamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister is in the United States to discuss the potential of Iran’s nuclear power, is sending a message, a demonstration, if you will; that not dealing with the Iran issue in a decisive manner would be disastrous to the United States?

Is G-d telling President Obama that he MUST act now, or G-d wrath be upon him, and the country he presides over, the United States?

President Obama, in spite of the fact that you are intimidated by Islam, you do not have the luxury of not acting, and acting decisively, regarding the fate of Israel versus a nuclear Iran. The message is clear, Mr. President, act now, or the wrath of G-d will be upon you!

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