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Rush Limbaugh, and Dick Cheney; their treasonous words represent: “A clear and present danger!” At war words are often more damaging than is deeds.

27 May

A few more than one hundred days ago, Vice President Cheney was in possession of any and all of the most sensitive information regarding United States security. When a man, with that knowledge go publicly and says that the United States Administration is weakening the country, his word must be credible; just the rallying words United States enemies would like to hear!

There are those who claim that uncivilized behavior by the United States in Guantanamo, and elsewhere are serving to recruit Al Queda enemies; if they do, they do that at a much lesser scale than do words from the [ex] Vice President of the United States who inform the world that the United States is weakening, and because of that, its enemies can become stronger; what an incentive for potential terrorists?

Nearly ten percent (10%) of the United States population, about 20,000,000 listen to Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh has what is paramount to cult following, an indication to any and all enemies of the United States that his words count! When Rush Limbaugh continues to state that he wants the United States President to fail, his words ring like the angels music in Al Queda camps: 10% of the US population what its government to fail: hooray, we can help!

Limbaugh and Cheney are influential and dangerous people; the US must muzzle the two, or suffer consequences beyond anyone imagination!

Since this is a free country, and Rush Limbaugh speaks without the bernefit of sensetive, or any other significant knowledge, he must be allowed to speak his mind, the public is well advised to simply stop listening! When listeners think and realize that the poorly educated, morally handicapped, drug abuser that Limbaugh is only speaks in order to get attention and create controversy, they are likely to surelu, perhaps slowly, shy away from Limbuagh and allocate him the insignificant spot in society that he should occupy, a whiner, screamer man full of hate, jealousy, and self pity.

In the case of Cheney, the case is much more serious. Since the United States is in a state of war, Cheney words based on sensitive Unites States state information, his words of encouragements should be examined carefully by the Justice and Defense Departments and assessment of appropriate charges should be made!