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Bachmann versus Palin: The catfight of the Century.

6 Jan

Two ambitious young ladies, both very attractive, but void of much relevant knowledge, could paint the GOP into a corner from which it may be very difficult to come out unscathed.

Since both Palin and Buchmann are very adept at raising money, and because both represent the Tea Party which was the moving-force behind the GOP win in 2010, Republicans may have a significant conflict on their hands. Now, the fact that the two may well be pitted against one another, the political picture will likely be very cloudy.

Neither Palin, nor Buchmann seem to have either the knowledge, or talent required from a President. In spite of their shortcomings, the GOP will have a major conflict because the two ladies represent not only the Tea Party, but women, a significant force in American politics.

How the GOP will resolve this likely tempest in the Tea Party without causing a significant spilt within their own ranks, is hard to predict. It is, however, quite certain that the two Tea Party creations are not about to exit the scene without leaving a lasting impression on the GOP, as well as on the American political system.