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US Syria imperative! There will be “troops on the ground…”

7 Sep

Regardless of United States direct involvement, the region, the whole Middle East, is going to be re-aligned. 2,000,000 refugees and growing, 110,000 dead, and growing, with the two million not even including another 4,000,000 displaced Syrian, the region as is cannot manage these numbers.
Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, the “Kurdish territory,” and even Israel, who is presently mending many of the wounded, are going to be burdened to the breaking point.
The carnage is Syria, and the refugees relegated the “Palestinian problem” to the back page, a solution there will have to be an integral solution for the region after the Syrian war is finished.
Since the carnage in Syria is getting the full attention of the world, the international community has taken its eye off: Iran’s Nuke
The plight of the Kurds
The turmoil in Egypt
The Israeli Palestinian problem
The Syrian refugees burden on Jordan and Lebanon
The community of nations needs to re-assign its focus and not just allow the initial Syrian crises divert its focus from other important crises; but also make sure that the Syrian war is not neglected.”

Syria: A clear and present danger; the failing hillary dogma!

4 Mar

The Hillary Clinton Barak Obama foriegn policy, an utter failure leaving about 500,000 American in harms way due to Assad’s chemical weapons arsenal!
America’s Middle East policy is a display of naiveté, ignorance, or just incompetence. Starting with Arab Springs, which to any seasoned observer realized was a move towards expanding Sharia law, but that the Administration “led from behind” mistaking it for a move towards democratization, and mismanaging the situation in Libya that ended with the Benghazi fiasco, US Middle East policy is in shambles.
The revolution in Syria may have been a ray of sunshine, but the Administration decided to stand by except for some minimal clandestine help.
The Syria revolution started as a secular nationalistic movement, Syria intelligentsia was one of the moving forces behind it, but it miscalculated what help it should expect from the West and the US.
The revolt started well for the rebels, but Assad kept getting support from Iran, with its surrogates (Hezbollah, Hamas), and from Russia, while the rebels did not get the help they were hoping for from the West.
As Assad was losing ground religious opportunist entered Syria, and a secular nationalistic conflict turned into a religious one.
The Saudis (Sunnis, al Qaeda’s birthplace,) started to supply the rebels who were primarily back by Shiite interests, and the war lost its secular, nationalistic nature.
Assad’s chemical weapons arsenal, his missiles, and tons of Uranium, are prize possession assets that if either Iran backed Shiite forces or radical Sunnis gain control, dire consequences may result.
Note: 260,000 US troops are on the Gulf within range of Assad’s missiles, and troops on the Mediterranean.