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Rush Limbaugh’s anti-Semitic/Jewish reference to the Jewish Shylock as a representation of dishonest money lenders, what a shameful view!

28 Apr

Rush Limbaugh’s anti-Semitic/Jewish reference to the Jewish Shylock as a representation of dishonest money lenders, is a shameful perspective!

On his radio show Rush Limbaugh referred to an Obama mortgage web effort as the Shylock web. Since Shylock was a Shakespearean unscrupulous Jewish-money lender, Limbaugh’s reference is a clear and damning statement regarding the Jewish character. 

Inasmuch as Arabs are also Semites, the Limbaugh condemnation is not actually anti-Semitic, it is rather simply: Anti-Jewish.

For perhaps the most influential conservative spokes person in the United States, Rush Limbaugh, to refer to crooked money sources as Shylocks; is, in a word, much like a statement made by another important conservative voice, Ann Coulter, who suggested that Jews should become Christians in order to be all they can be, is shameful!

These are embarrassing statements by those who, among other things, represent the religious right, they are especially damning  in view of the fact that perhaps the most accomplished person in history, the one who impacted the world more than any other person, was a Jewish Rabbi by the name of Yeshua bar Yosef (more commonly referred to as Jesus Christ.) 

Based on anti-Semitic/Jewish statements by two leading conservative voices, can, or should, one assume that the United States conservatives are anti-Jewish? Or, should one realize that Coulter and Limbaugh are sensationalists who often shoot-from-the-hip just to get attention?