What gets published, and why?

This blog is designed to deal with international events that influence the future of the United States, that of Israel, and of those free nations “under Attack” by Islam.


Are US imposed “peace talks,” doom to fail because neither Netanyahu, nor does any other Israeli leader, have the authority to negotiate a number of key issue, especially the fate of Jerusalem, Israel’s capital in perpetuity?

We deal with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, do his likely Jewish roots cause him to be blindly committed to destroy Israel? Or, is this a facade to hide his “Jewishness?”

Do Obama’s Islamic roots, and the fact that his formative years were spent in Islamic environments influence his behavior??

Does the fact that Iran’s population is mostly Shia, while 80% of the Islamic world is Sunni, reduce Ahmadinejad chances to be Islam’s world leader? And, is the fact that Iranians are Aryan, not Arabs, causes Ahmadinejad’s ambitions to threaten his Arab neighbors as much as they are a concern to Israel, and the United States?

Should Israel even be engaged in peace talk until ALL (the Palestiinian Authority [PA}, Hamas, PLO, etc.) of the so-called Palestinians recognize its rights to exist as a Jewish-State?

4 Responses to “What gets published, and why?”

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