Cheney recent words in support of torture shore up his position as the US worst ever Vice President!

2 Apr

Not withstanding words by Dick Cheney that his actions as Vice President of the United States did not render him a criminal, a person who committed crimes against humanity, many people, actually most people, consider him a criminal for using inhumane methods of interrogation on prisoners.
Recently Vice President Cheney told an audience at the American University that he did not regret the Bush Administration interrogation techniques, and that he would do it again if he was in that same situation. Cheney insisted that the results justifies the techniques, and insisted that he would against resort to the use water-boarding without hesitation.
In spite of his actions, and his insistence that he would do it again, the ex Vice President claims that neither he, nor President George W. Bush, committed crimes against humanity, yet most rational people feel that they both did.
Mr. Chaney’s assertion that their cruel techniques brough results were again shot down in a most recent Congressional report which concludes that the bin Laden operation, unlike Cheney’s assertions, did not benefit from the aggressive interrogations that were performed by the Bush Administration.
As a practical matter one does not hear of either President George W. Bush, or Dick Cheney, visiting continental Europe, could it be that neither man eager to visit, or rather be dragged to, the Hague…
Continuing, as he is, to justify torture renders Dick Cheney the worst Vice President in United States history, and that in spite of the fact that the likes of Dan Quail and Spiro Agnew occupy that office.

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