Boycotting Israel because of “occupation”: A bogus claim, and a sham!

28 Feb

The anti Israel: Boycott Divestment Sanctions (DBS) activity, is based on untruths from its foundation!
Let me start by saying that the are no such things as “occupied territories!”
Throughout human history there never were a nation that conquered land, especially in a defensive war, that had to give it back; why should Israel be required to do so?
It is also important to realize that “Palestine” as a nation never existed. It was the term coined by British imperial colonialism for the mandate they established and controlled in the Middle East following their conquest of it. There is no genetic or cultural difference between the “Palestinians” and most Jordanians, Jordan being a construct of British and French nation-state planners (as most of the nations established in the Balfour Declaration) that succeeded what had become known as Transjordan, and in a region where tribalism supersedes allegiance to nation-states (a western notion of governance).
Those territories within Israel that BDS and others call “occupied” are legitimate Israeli territory, they will be returned to the Arabs when, or rather if, there is a sovereign Arab Palestine, which is not fait accompli, and may never be.
As long as the Palestinian Authority (in its Arabic charter,) and Hamas in all its formal document, call for the destruction of Israel, as they presently do, there will not be an Arab Palestine.
Unless Arabs attitudes towards Israel’s sovereignty, and viability, the lands Israel won on war will remain hers.
Israel, for example, in good faith, and in a unique case in history, in order to demonstrate its desire for peace, through its largess returned the oil rich Sinai to Egypt.
Israel is not a ruthless occupier, on the contrary, it is a responsible care-taker. However until such time as it has negotiation partners who are willing to accept its sovereignty, and its right to exist as a Jewish State, it is a legitimate care-taker of the territory it won in war.
Israel only required to give up when a “two state solution” is in place, and without a responsible negotiating partner that will likely never happen…

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