The onion called Obamacare, least smelly is the wesite; what’s next?

25 Nov

Let me start by saying that I hope I am wrong…
The website is a problem, my exposure to complex data bases suggest that as for as this one had gone, a fix may not work, and that a fresh, costly and time consuming redesign may be in order. That notwithstanding, when a website if finally functioning, it would be just the top layer of Obamacare’s onion. What follows is a question mark, except that the shear size of the program, and its expansion over what it is replacing must be very costly, in other words, the following onion layers, much like a real onion will be more smelly, more difficult to deal with.
There are about 400,000,000 people in the United States, 30,000,000 were thought to be uninsured, many others by the Administration measure are under insured. the uninsured are about 7.5%, the under-insured probably bring the number of those who need to be added, and those that must be enhanced bring the number to some 10%+, since there will not be new taxes, who will take care of adding that cost?
It appears that those 90% of inures will have to pay more to cover the 10%+. This would be true if the 90% did not include the large number of those under medicare, and exempt Government employees, that suggest, in a very simplistic manner that some 60, 0r 70% of the population must pay for the added costs, simplistic view suggest that the insured will have to pat for added cost, probably at least a 14% to 15% boost in the costs over present costs for health insurance, providing there are no other problems…
Good luck, Obamacare, let us hope the core of the onion is not too smelly to survive.

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