Zimmerman a wild-man, not a racist! In US race constitutes an ugly political agenda!

21 Nov

Zimmerman a wild-man, not a racist! In US race constitutes an ugly political agenda!

When Oprah Winfrey endorsed Barak Obama for President she transformed the Presidential race into racially driven political contest. President Obama was elected because he is [half] an African-American, not on his merit!
Leaders of the black community, such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and many ultra liberal activist are continuing to maintain pressure on the rest of society by selectively choosing situations where they can make it appear that African-Americans are kept from functioning like other Americans due to bigotry, even when it a case of incompetence.
Most recently Oprah Winfrey use her visible national state suggested that President Obama’s failing Presidency was because of his race she unraveled a festering and very dangerous split in the country. Oprah’s words reflect the attitude that is prevalent on the political left, blame failure on race, and in the case of a failing Obama Administration attribute off the “tea Party” and Republicans who are racist.
The George Zimmeramn, Tryvon Martin situation is a case in point. George Zimmeraman, as his behavior since the trial demonstrates, is a violent out of control individual, as his wife said, he is “a wild man!” George Zimmerman killed Tryvon Martin because it is thew kind of thing a man like him does, it had nothing to do with Martin’s race…
The left activists in the country identified the Zimmerman as a race case and are insisting on Eric Holder calling this a hate crime so that the race issue remain in the headlines. Since President Obama is totally inept at actually performing his duties, keeping race at the forefront of the news allow Obama’s supporters to blame all the numerous President’s failing on his race, not on the real reason: His ineptitude!

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