Assad gaining ground, joins Khamenei in thanking Allah for Obama!

17 Nov

Since President Obama lifted the red-line that he had for Syria, Bashar Assad, with the help of Russia and Iran with its surrogate Hezbollah, have been gaining grounds on the rebels. Assad who already slaughtered over 110,000 0f his own people, and caused over three million Syrians to flee Syria and become refugees is gaining grounds towards keeping he Presidency, what a sham!
At the beginning of the present rebellion in Syria, the rebels had the edge. The rebels advantage was mostly due to the surprise element, not because they were right in trying to depose a brutal dictator.
At the onset the rebels had a couple of other aces in the hole. They were Essentially secular, and they had hope that the United States will come to their aid.
America’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, however, declared Assad ”a true reformer,” and decided that the United States should remain on the sidelines.
Without US support, and with time on his side, Bashar Assad was able to get Iran with Hezbollah, and Russia to support him and turn the tide. Since the Sunni Gulf states fear and despise the Shiite Iranians who are, among other thing Aryans, not Arabs, or Semites. Assad’s side becoming strongly Shiite prompted Saudi, with al Qaeda and other Gulf States to give the rebels some aid, but not enough to defeat Assad. The Sunnis entry marked a shift from an ideological conflict to a religious war.
Most recently, when President Obama gave Syria a red line, and the capitulated, the American weakness gave Assad and his troops impetus, they regain their composure and started to turn the tide in their favor, courtesy President Obama, as started by Hillary Clinton.

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