Saudi forsaking the US while China and Russia gaining influence, what next for US?

24 Oct

The Obama/Hillary Clinton chasm with the rest of the world is continuing to grow. Saudi Arabia will now drift closer to the Chinese, it will do so for several reasons. The economics of oil, China now imports more oil than does the United States. The fact that the United States did not carry the desired action against Syria, but rather capitulated and let Putin take the lead, a win for Assad and the Shiite, a loss for the Saudis and Sunnis. And last, but not least, President Obama trying to become cozy with Iran, in spite of the snubs, and open rejections.
The “straw that broke the camel’s back,” of course, was Obama’s allowing Iran to manipulate him and the West so that it can get closer to getting nuclear weapons. The United States, in spite of having its overtures for thawing relations with Iran being rejected, is pushing hard for dialogue, and allowing the Iranians to pull the wool over its head.
The United States keep counting on the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei “fatwa” that Iran will not build nuclear weapons as a crutch to support its soft stance with Iran, the Saudis know better! The Fatwa is a shield, if only deals with “built,” it does not deal with the term “acquire!”
The Saudis are frightened, as are all the Gulf States of Iran as a nuclear power. They all realize that in spite of being a Shiite nation (only 20% of Islam,) and a non-Arab nation, Iran would like to dominate and lead the Islamic World. They all know that with nuclear weapons Iran will be able to accomplish its mission of dominating Islam.
It may seem strange that a person like President Obama who spent his formative years among Muslims, does not know how to deal with the Islamic World. President Obama’s “E. pluribus unum” (out of many one,) to the Islamic World in his June 4, 2009 Cairo speech was designed to start a positive relations with Islam, but it seemed to have backfired. In his speech he apologized to Muslims for United States past behaviors; Americans hated that, Muslims saw it as a sign of weakness and have been manipulating America’s President ever since. Adding to his own errors, President Obama appointed Hillary Clinton, a politician with no diplomatic skills to Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton made significant errors when dealing with Islam. From “leading from behind” at Arab Springs, a movement to expand Sharia law in North Africa, to declaring Assad as “a true reformer,” while allowing Iran, Hezbollah, and Russia to support the Assad regime, st the expense of Sunnis, which the Saudis resented.
Iran is a dangerous nation, but President Obama is reluctant to accept that fact, and, as a result is causing the United States to lose a great deal of respect, and influence.
Under President Obama United States foreign policy is at its lowest state, it rival in its ineptness to those under Jimmy Carter, and George W. Bush. With President Obama at the help for some three and a half years more, how much lower can US foreign policy sink?


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