Obama’s October ACA win could be short-lived with flawed ACA! Or, could the bitter lemons Democrats gave to the GOP in October, be turned into sweet lemonade comes January, 2014.

18 Oct

Cold an irreparable ACA cause Obama’s October wins over the GOP to be turned around and be a disaster in January, 2014?

Should the many experts who claim that the Obamacare/ACA is flawed beyond repair, be right, much of that should be obvious by January, the next rounds of budget and ceiling discussions, what a disaster could that be for President Obama.
The shutdown did diverted opinion from Obama’s numerous humiliating dealings with various Islamic entities in September. From 24/7 media coverage of Obama’s September misdeeds, coverage shifter 24/7 to the political issues. The shutdown, and ceiling negotiation removes stories about Obama’s humbling himself with his failing attempts to communicate with Iran’s number two, and to enforce his red line in Syria. Putin added to the humiliations by shoving President Obama aside and taking over Syrian negotiations.
Not being an expert on health, or health insurance, all I can say is that if those numerous experts, and doctors who say that ACA is flawed beyond repair, then not capitulating in October, may cause irreparable political damage to President Obama, and to the Democratic Party.

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