Syria: US “Boots on the Ground,” will be required…

13 Oct

After listening to some of the discussion about Syria, especially questions regarding United States involvement, I found it necessary to add a few points.
Let me start by suggesting that there will likely be nearly four million refugees “dumped” on the region before there is an end to the conflict; most alarming is the fact that most of the displaced Syrians will not have a home to return to.
While continuing to grow, the humanitarian crisis in Syria will dwarf the one dealing with the Palestinian refugee issue. Since there are numerous Palestinian refugees in the same region the problems will build on one another and would likely become chaotic. Since most Palestinians originally came from Syria, one can witness first hand, the Arab conflicting, and violent nature. The “Levantine” natures that people in the West are unaccustomed to. Lack of understanding of the culture, and need of the people, could, and likely will contribute to major chaos, and a true humanitarian crisis, second to none.
Volumes can be written on is this very important situation, this it not the place for that. A few highlights should bring attention to critical issues.
Neither Jordan, nor Lebanon can absorb the number of refugees that will enter during the conflict. Both countries, with numerous unwanted Palestinian refugees, people ready to rebel at any time, are unstable and ripe for revolutions of their own.
In the case of Lebanon, there is also the issue of Hezbollah. The terrorist group that Hezbollah is, has sided with Assad, Iran, and Russia in the Syrian conflict. If that side wins, Hezbollah will likely take over Lebanon, putting Iranian forces on Israel’s border. Not only that, the large Christian population of Lebanon, would be put in serious jeopardy.
If the rebels win, Syria would likely become a radical Sunni nation, and from the start it will include an al Qaeda element.
Turkey is trying to close its borders, it has serious economic problems of its own, and additional refugees could simply break its [economic] back. Turkey has another major issue, which is exacerbated by the Syrian conflict; it has to do with the Armenians, and the territory they occupy. The Armenian could do nothing but grow; it should once and for all force a sovereign Armenian nation to evolve.
The Syrian conflict, mostly in Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, and in a small way Jordan, has a Christian minority element to consider. The Christian issue will grow in the region, it will, of course, include Egypt, Christians will only remain safe in Israel, and their number in that country is relatively small.
As to changes in the regional geography, in addition to a sovereign Armenia that will include Turkish, Iraqi, and Syrian territory, one can count on the Golan remaining as part of Israel.
For this post I decided to stay away from the Israeli Palestinian issue, since it does not seem to have a clear destiny, even though resolution of the Syrian rebellion will likely influence its outcome.
Finally, and most importantly. I am not clairvoyant, but with enough insight and many years experience, let me suggest that for Syria’s chemicals to be removed, United States boots will be on Syrian land. After the chemicals are removed, and US troops leave, the Syrian bloody bath will continue, and whoever remains standing will NOT be a close ally of the United States, but will govern whatever Syria emerges…

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