“Obama the Divertor,” a fitting moniker, isn’t it?

5 Oct

Since the way President Obama governs resembls that of a monarch, and monarchs nearly always are dabbed by a “moniker” to describe their strength; wouldn’t “The Divertor,” fit the POTUS?
The President seemed to silence the world, and US press 24/7 coverage of his “Septmember disaster” when he made a fool of himself, and disgraced the nation by his dealing with his Syria redline, with Putin, and with the Iran snubbing of the United States, by letting the United States Government shutdown; it stopped any talk of his humiliation.
Adding one diversion to another, the President decided to give a controvercial opinion about football:
To me and to most people I know, naming a national institution (and NFL teams are, after all, national institutions,) after a respected group of American should be an honor, not a disgrace. If a “sizable group of people is offended,” unless it is a majority, it should learn to accept it. For example, “a sizable group of people,” a group much larger than to that opposes the name “Redskins,” is offended by America’s President name being Hussein, Should that signal to Obama that he should officially drop that part of his name?
The United States is a mature enough nation that it can deal with “political incorrectness,” for example should some profiling keep the American public safe, it should be used by law enforcement.
President Obama has serious issues on his plate, his shameless behavior in dealing with Syria, and Iran, and, of course, the budget and the Government shutdown, that he needs to focus on. President Obama should focus his job and stay away from diversion that are out of place in face of the urgent National problems…


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