The Obama foreign policy disaster…

3 Oct

Obama’s horrible foreign policy which is now in the background due to the US Government shutdown, has many causes, there are, however, two (actually many more) significant issues. Starting with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, and then Obama obviously being intimidated by Islam. Hillary Clinton, a politician unable to become diplomat (let alone a statesperson,) was more concerned with image than content. Mrs. Clinton, perhaps with a shove from President Obama, misread the Islamic World one and once again. For example, “leading from behind,” at Arab Springs, was a monumental blunder, it essentially sent out two signals: One, that for Muslims the Obama Administration is easy to fool; after all they were able to get the Americans to accept Arab Springs as a move towards democratization while it was clearly design to advance Sharia law in North African, and the region. Hillary Clinton’s second major blunder was to call Bashar Assad a “true reformer,” and deciding that the United States should not help the rebellion in Syria. St the onset, when the rebels had the edge of surprise United States might well have resulted in a quick end to Assad, but its policy allowed Assad’s regime to get shored up by Russia, and Iran; the results are what we now observe.
Then there is President obvious direct intimidation of Islam. The President awful displays in September 2013 are disgraceful and will remain a part of his legacy forever. Starting with an urgent call by John Kerry to punish Syria for crossing President Obama’s redline, which was rescinded by the President the following day when he suggested that he wanted to give Congress to give him authorization (that he said he did not need) to attack Assad, it was followed by Vladimir Putin embarrassing the President by simply shoving the American President out of the way and taking over the Syrian “peace negotiations…”
The Syria fiasco was followed by an astonishing display of amateurism by President Obama at the United Nations General Assembly. Inviting Iran’s President, and “second in command,” to meet, or at least to shake hands was a display of ignorance. The President lack of perspective was met head on with a snub by the Iranian. The rejection was so outrageous it was made in a television interview.
Present Obama did not give up at that point; he sent Rouhani a present of a very valuable Persian artifice, and a phone call to congratulate the Iranian on his election, and to offer future dialogue. The United States Press which cow-tows to the President described the phone call as thawing of relationship with Iran to only have Iran’s Supreme Leader the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei reject the notion as nonsense.
Non-Islamic international relations also suffered under President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s tenure at State. When President Obama took office the United States was not like around the world. George W. Bush made America appear to be a bully, not one to like, but one to respect, and one to fear. Under the Obama/Clinton doctrine the United States became more liked, but it lost respect by most under nation. The lack of respect is ramped as was made obvious by the rejection of US requests to extradite Snowden, and many other acts by “friendly,” nations. It is quite clear the United States relations with friendly and other nations declined under the Clinton Administration. Relations clearly declined with: Russia, Israel, Poland, Egypt, China, and many others. Lack of “loyalty,” and not standing behind previous commitments clearly contributed to United States declining relations.
Let me suggest that I think that the United States foundation is sound and that the two-hundred and some odd year experiment in [Jeffersonian] democracy is not failing but is on a hiatus from it march forward, and it will recover from the damage caused by the ill-fated, and poorly implemented Obama Administration.

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