Government Shutdown: Diversion from Obama’s recent Islamic Humiliations!

1 Oct

Face it America: The SHUTDOWN of your Government had nothing to do with budget, Obamacare, or the debt ceiling, the Shutdown is a DIVERSION!
In September 2013, President Obama embarrassed himself, and the Nation; he caused humiliation without historic precedence.
First Obama insist on urgent punishment to Syria for crossing his “redline,” Within a day he reneged.
Delaying action on the “redline” Obama used HIS desire for Congressional authority that he did NOT need.
As soon as the ink dried, President Putin, the KGB peacemaker, pushed Obama to relinquish the Syrian negotiation to him.
That behind him, with America international credibility, and HIS, downs the drain; President Obama went the General Assembly of the UN. While at the UN President Obama invited Hasan Rouhani, Iran’s President, the “second in command,” to meet, and to shake hands.
The Iranian refused both of President Obama’s overtures!
With his tale between his legs, President Obama gave the Iranian a present, a Persian silver artifice worth over one million dollars.
Adding to the HUMILIATION, President Obama phoned the Iranian to “offer congratulations on his election,” and to suggest that there should be more future communications
As soon as Rouhani returned to Iran, Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader, made it clear that the Obama Rouhani phone call did not mean thawing of relations.
The Arab Islamic media cheered suggesting that America, meaning President Obama, “blinked!”
With America’s disgrace on all headlines around the world, Obama needed a DIVERTION:
Obama’s solution: US Government Shutdown!


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