Obama’s Muslim bond, or: Is our President’s Iran Chasing, while Humbling the Nation, is it deeper than what meets the eye?

27 Sep

The disgraceful Obama!
For 4 1/2 years I allowed myself to avoid reality and ignore that a man born to an Islamic father is a Muslim in perpetuity; there are no provision in Islam to leave the religion.
I accepted that Reverend Wright’s teaching made Obama a practicing Christian, but doubts started to emerge. On June 4, 2009, in Cairo, in President Obama speech to the Islamic World he quoted the Latin: “E. Pluribus Unum…” Out of many one! Until very recently I held nagging suspicions since Quran’s ONLY mission is: Everyone, the whole world, united under Allah!
Rouhani snubbed President Obama at the UNGA; he would not shake hands with America’s President, yet: “Rouhani’s people arranged for a phone call to President Obama?” Than: “President Obama opened the call by congratulating Rouhani on his election victory earlier this year.” Another WH lie? President Obama initiated the call catering, fearing, if you will, to the Islam!
Notwithstanding Rouhani NY snub of Obama, his calling Israel, America’s close ally (even it may not be Obama’s,) a Disease that with its friend must be extracted, Obama calls Rouhani!
Contrary to my wishes, and early beliefs, President Obama is not only sympathetic, but also intimidated by Islam. Does his secret call to Rouhani suggest that the President perhaps has his own Imam with whom he meets in secret?
It is nearly impossible to doubt that President Obama is heavily committed, and intimidated by Islam, if not more.


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