Obama’s Syria follies; a Putin production!

16 Sep

“The Obama Syrian follies, what next?
And now the fun begins!
President Barak Hussein Obama had no clue what his redline would cause; he even outright LIED and said that it was not his line, it was he said something “the international community came up with it,” what a lie, many of us heard it come out of his own mouth!
Kerry announcing crises that required urgent action.
Next Day Obama said that action could be delayed for some two weeks, in order to get Congressional authorization, even though President Obama says he does not need one.
A day, or two later, President Obama informed the world that we can wait longer since “his Friend” Vladimir Putin gave us another retrieve by willing to get Syria to make a deal.
The “deal” somewhat contingent on findings by UN inspectors. Now the fun begins:
The United States, United Nations delegation, read the UN report as supportive of President Obama contentions.
Russia Foreign Minister read the report as attributing some chemical use to the rebels.
Enters President Obama wearing his King Solomon’s crown…To be continued.

Projections: Impasse between Russia and US. Russia would not accept “punishment” for Assad due to some rebel’s culpability.
US will fail to get Security Council Resolution (China and Russia would veto.)
US back to square one; US to try to get Congressional authorization to fire.

Assad action???
Obama Administration between rock and a hard place.”

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