Could Iran’s manipulating Syria as diversion from its nukes?

8 Sep

Syria a diversion, not by the US, but by Iran!
When at Hillary Clinton’s urging the US stood on the sidelines when the Syrian revolt started, she did so because she said that Assad was a “reformer.” At the onset, due to a surprise element, the rebels had the upper hand. Since the rebels and most observers expected the US to come to the rebel’s aid, America’s standing on the sidelines caught many by surprise.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a nemesis of President, however, saw an opportunity. The Iranian immediately increased their aid to Assad, and were able to get Russia (whose leader, Putin is also no fan of President Obama,) to supply Assad with state-of-the-art war equipment. Iran’s and Russia’s, including Hezbollah, all fighting for Shii, helped shore up the regime; that prompted the Sunni Saudis to come to the help of the rebels, on the surface turning it to a religious war.
The regime side with its chemical weapons, delivery systems, and sophisticated Russian air defense System, was gaining ground on the rebels, while also having the Hezbollah, and Iranian Guard members managing much of their war efforts. The Syrian rebellion was turning away for Iran to divert attention away from it nuclear program.
The Syria conflict is indeed something that is contrary to civilized behavior, and a diversion, but it is not a diversion by the Administration about the Benghazi situation as Senator Cruz says, by rather a diversion by Iran from its nuclear program!

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