Syria: US boots on the ground vs Potential Body Bags!

26 Aug

Some 250,000 United States troops within Assad’s chemical weapons reach; can the US let that stand?

While Hillary Clinton policy was to “lead from behind,” at Arab Springs, an action to spread Sharia law in North Africa, Mrs. Clinton’s policy was to sit on the sidelines in Syria. By having the United States stay on the sidelines in Syria, the rebels lost their early lead, and Iran, with Hezbollah and arms from Russia shored up Assad.

The Saudis who were not willing Assad (a branch of Shii) go against the rebels (mostly Sunni) with al Qaeda gave the rebels some help, while al Qaeda is heavily infiltrated in the ranks of the rebels.

So, at this stage:

Assad has the largest chemical weapons arsenal on the planet.
Assad has “delivery systems,” that can reach 160,000 American troops on the Gulf
Assad has delivery systems that can reach US troops in:
On the Mediterranean

Should the US try “surgical” strikes in Syria they will likely hit Iranian and Hezbollah troops, with Russian technicians.
Surgical strikes will make Assad desperate, and “desperate people resort to desperate measures,” such as using chemical weapons on American in the region, the some 250,000 mentioned above.

The only way to keep Assad from using his chemical weapons
To keep chemical weapons from falling into the hands of the rebels who are heavily infiltrated with al Qaeda
US boots on the ground, and Very, Very, soon!

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