Obama, a visionary, or a failing illusionary?

28 Jul

Obama, a visionary, or a failing illusionary?
President Obama appears to suffer from illusions that he is a visionary who is paving the road towards the future of the United States; he is neglecting the sort-term in favor of his presumed legacy of a visionary. Obama’s visions, however, are quite inconsistent with visions of the founding fathers, and of well over half the American public.
No less important is the issue that Barak Obama is sacrificing short-term opportunities in favor of long-term; somehow not realizing that without short-term viability, there will not be a future. For example, President Obama is fighting the Keystone project, looking for any excuse possible in support of his environmental supporters.
Keystone may not reduce the price at the pump, but by virtue of going through the US, even for the purpose of export, its mere presence would be a backup should imported oil flow is interrupted. It may not mean as many jobs as those on the right predict, but even the number President Obama suggests, while unemployment is at 7.9%, is meaningful.
It is time for President Obama to accept the fact he is a mere mortal, a civil servant, and not even a very good one in this role. Barak Hussein Obama may be a very bright person, skilled in politics, and a great orator, but he is a poor communicator, not a good leader, and most importantly, he is not equipped to carry out the job of President of the United States.


3 Responses to “Obama, a visionary, or a failing illusionary?”

  1. rlwRichard L Wise July 30, 2013 at 4:17 am #

    I agree. objectively, the source of Obama’s failure is that he expends his efforts on campaigning instead of governing. The latter is much more difficult, involves getting one’s hands dirty with the details instead of gazing at one’s lofty ideology which, like all ideologies, find the details and complex system of reality as sand in their golden gears. That is why Disraeli commented, “How much easier is is to be critical thatn to be correct.”

    • dangoor July 30, 2013 at 6:54 am #

      Thanks you for a well thought out response; yes indeed, President Obama seems to shy away from the hard work of governing. It may be because he does not know how, or because he is too lazy, the results are the same.

      • rlwRichard L Wise July 30, 2013 at 8:06 am #

        Be careful: The last time anyone (Governor Sununu) called Obama lazy, he was accused of being a racist. I guess it is not possible for blacks to be lazy.

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